Bando Origins


Whipping up the finest, natural and organic ingredients to create a beard oil that hydrates, conditions and strengthens the beard while having the cleanest and smoothest scents that reflect and are inspired by our favorite colognes and ouds. Our natural beard oils are packed with the organic fuel your beard needs.

A brand by the mandem, for the mandem.



A frustrating part of the beard journey. PATCHES. Cowboy sideburns. Every man's tryna find the connect.

All beard products from The Beard Bando are dedicated and laser focused at providing an environment for beard growth and increased beard hair health. Our Bando Beard Oil for instance, contains quality essential oils such as Moroccan argan oil. Rich in natural phenols, this vitamin rich oil will not only promote hair growth, but also help you grow healthy, thick looking hair and fill the patches. 

Video Tutorials soon come. Lock into our instagram @thebeardbando for more info.